Why choose SwapTracker?

SwapTracker provides a case management system that enables you to significantly reduce the level of administration required to manage the Mutual Exchange process from end to end.

Reduces admin time and costs & minimises tenant enquiries

At-a-glance dashboard with real time status, alerts and actions for ongoing mutual exchanges

Work efficiently through all tenancy checks, with information on dates of request, receipts and outcomes in a logical process

Automatic alerts sent to MX/Housing Officers once inspections are completed

Secure document upload for easy access 24/7

Dramatically reduces tenant enquiries and contact

Integrated with HomeSwapper –  one simple login

Provides reassurance to your tenants during the MX process

Easy-to-use, mobile friendly design

Online form with digital signature

Easy document upload via mobile portal

Whole process of entering information simplified

Automatic notifications upon receipt of application

Provides transparency for all parties involved

Shows a clear guide as to exactly where tenants are in the swap process

Reduces confusion and anxiety for your tenants

Fully compliant with GDPR
Customer Support Team with staff available to provide support in real time
SwapTracker has been developed in close consultation with landlords like you to make sure that it exactly meets your needs.  Read more about the development process here.
If you’d like to find out more about SwapTracker, email us on team@homeswapper.co.uk or call us on 01905 361500.