Rightsize is an easy-to-use tool that will make a real difference to your tenants.
It allows you to make best use of your housing stock by identifying those who are under and over-occupying, while helping tenants with the implications of Universal Credit and the Welfare Reform Act.
Setting search criteria allows you to see suggested matches for under-occupiers and/or overcrowded households. You can view these within HomeSwapper or export the data to Excel.
We make it easy for you to proactively suggest these potential matches to your tenants by sending a message to tenants telling them that you have suggested a home for them, as well as displaying a Landlord Suggestion icon next to the homes that you have identified.
One of the benefits of HomeSwapper is that around 80% of tenants use the service by themselves.  Many of those who do need some extra support can be helped by RightSize, empowering tenants to find their home swap and helping you to make optimal use of your housing stock.