Landlord Newsletters

Here you’ll find our current and archived newsletters, dedicated to landlords and full of useful information, support, profiles and resources.

June 2019: Click here

Contents: What your tenants think of our latest update. Our brand new MultiSwap Support Pack. How you can help your tenants improve their adverts.

May 2019: Click here

Contents: Welcome to our new HomeSwapper and SwapTracker customer. HomeSwapper and SwapTracker updates. Our dedicated landlord website has launched. Download our New Swapper Support Pack for your tenants.

April 2019: Click here

Contents: SwapTracker has launched. Our New Swapper Support Pack is waiting for you. New landlord website features. The response to the tenant support site. Eddy, your HomeSwapper Account Manager.

March 2019: Click here

Contents: The launch of our Help Centre. How we’re using a service to get to know what your tenants think of us. SwapTracker development. The New Swapper Support Pack we’re creating for your tenants. How we can help with your events.

February 2019: Click here

Contents: Welcome to Coast & Country. New tenant help centre. Tenant ‘How to’ videos. SwapTracker – designed by you. Universal Credit on HomeSwapper. Working with us on Social Media.

January 2019: Click here

Contents: Welcome new Landlords. Landlord case study. New Tenant Website info. New Multi-Swap leaflet available. Badges update. SwapTracker focus group.

December 2018: Click here

Contents: Welcome new Landlords. Need-to-know technical updates. Universal Credit reports column. Marketing Resources. SwapTracker pilot.

November 2018: Click here

Contents: Welcome to New Landlords. Step by step ‘how to guides’ for your tenants. Motivating with success stories. Benefits of SwapTracker. HomeSwapper case study. New resources available.

October 2018: Click here

Contents: Welcome to new Landlords. Login – Housing Hub. Our Latest Stats. Supporting you in planning tenant events. New resources.

September 2018: Click here

Contents: HomeSwapper Updates. Are you using RightSize? New SwapTracker module – could you be a pilot customer?

August 2018: click here

Contents: Site update. New online resources. Supporting you at tenant events. SwapTracker Focus Group.

July 2018: click here

Contents: Focus Group event. Wellingborough Homes – a case study. Time-waster update. New resources.

June 2018: click here

Contents: What’s new. Meet the team: Nigel. Hearing from happy customers. About Housing Partners. Follow us on social.

May 2018: click here

Contents: Welcome new landlords. What’s new. Meet the Team: Debbie. Focus on GDPR. SwapperCentral Blog. Training days. Time-wasters. NPSS conference.

April 2018: click here

Contents: What’s new. Meet the Team: Eddy. Advertise a Void service. HomeSwapper App. HomeSwapper case study. What’s next for HomeSwapper.